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Products & Pricing

Notecard Sets (Set of 8) Are handcrafted 5"x7" notecards with glossy 4" x 6" photo and envelope. Notecards and envelopes are size 7, light cream colored high quality, acid free stock. Photographs are mounted with acid free adhesive. Each set comes in a notecard box for easy gift wrapping and protection.

 Price per set:    $12.95*

*10% discount for an order of 5 or more notecard sets.

High quailty Prints

Print mats and foam backing are acid-free to preserve quality. In addition, all prints are shipped with sealed bag for protection. 16" x 20" prints are signed.

Print Size

8" x 10"

11" x 14"

16" x 20"

Print Only




Double Mat Print*




Metal and wooden frames are available upon request. Call or email for prints.

Licensing digital images

Please call me at (541)465-1399 or email at to discuss your requirements and needs or inquire about terms and conditions and prices.

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