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What does this trip mean to me?

Paul’s pre-trip reflections

What do I expect from this trip?

I expect I will have lots of fun. I will learn about new cultures and meet new people in these cultures. I also think we might meet another family that is traveling.

What will I get out of the trip?

Language, culture, interactive family time, geography. I will also learn about the animals of the planet and learn to eat many different kinds of food!

What are my feelings about this trip?

I am afraid about being eaten by lions or sharks. I am also afraid about being an American overseas. I hear that many countries are against America and Americans because of our policies. I am going to try to be nice, like trying to speak their language, smiling, saying hello and thank you. I would hope this gives the people I meet another view of Americans. I feel O.K. about leaving Eugene for the year. I don’t think I will miss too much, except my friends, because I will be doing a lot of things on our trip and meeting new people.

Why is this trip important to me?

I think our family will have a better relationship. I want to be with other people from other countries and meet new friends and see people we know, like Kazu. This is a GREAT opportunity!