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What does this trip mean to me?

Peter's pre-trip reflections

What do you expect from this trip?

I want to see different views of this world. I also want to understand how the rest of the world views Americans. I want to see the customs and daily life of the various cultures. I also expect that this trip will take a lot of work. Learning how to swim well, hiking in the jungles, adapting to everything, like living out of bungalows and going through many different countries. I expect to get more confidence in myself by learning how to adapt and realizing the different situations that happen all over the world.

What do you want from this trip?

I want to go to beaches and snorkel and swim. I want to experience new cultures. I want to see how the world lives on a day to day basis and how it’s different from the U.S. I want to see the Serengeti and see animals all across the world. I want to see stuff you can’t see here. I want to be carefree on the beaches.

What are your feelings about this trip?

I am anxious and very excited. I can’t wait until we get to finally go. I am excited about the beaches. I want to explore.

What will you miss?

I will miss my friends, skateboarding, snowboarding, though I am planning to bring my skateboard and skateboard around the world! Stay tuned for my adventures!