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Japan Travel Notes




Favorite Food:  Kazu's yokutori barbeque with vegetables and Kirin Beer.

Currency:  Yen (110 Yen to 1 $USD)

Reflections: Seeing and spending time with Hayato and his parents and seeing Kazu and meeting his parents; frisbee in Osaka with Hayato and his mom; spending the night with Kazu and Yuta and having a great BBQ; having Hayato and his parents be our tour guides in Kyoto and Nara; seeing rice paddies, the Golden Temple in Kyoto; riding the mass transit system of buses, trains and subways from Osaka to Kyoto to Nara; small children walking and taking the subways to school unattended and completely safe; bicycles as a major mode of transportation; the deer of Nara; the sitting Buddha in a giant wooden temple; driving on the left side of the street; school uniforms for all children; Osaka was alive with music and people; the mountains near Miyazaki; the road trip through the country of Kyushu island; Thai Airlines Rock.


Travel Note

Travelling the night ferry from Osaka to Miyazaki was fantastic. This trip reminded me of Alaska State ferry system and is the most inexpensive way to travel from Osaka to Miyazaki. The sleeping arrangements were very comfortable. Bring food and drinks to cut down on costs. Miyazaki would be a great hiking and exploration destination and coupled with Osaka and nearby Kyoto and Nara, this trip would be a great two escape in Japan.

Thai Airlines flies 3 times a week from Los Angeles to Osaka.