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Digital Technology

Carrying a laptop and photographic equipment is a major commitment and should be discerned.  I would estimate I am carrying an extra 11 pounds of equipment! First, photography is my number one hobby and pastime and it is important to me to carry the equipment I feel comfortable with. The decision to carry the laptop was based on school work and studies based on CDs and numerous writing assignments, being able to download and edit photos for our website, being able to have everyone write and maintain travelogs and a variety of other reasons. Yes, some of this could be performed at anyone of the numerous internet cafes along our route, but we felt having a laptop would increase our flexibility and ability to keep up with all work.  Many people have said that only a small, compact camera is needed and taking all this gear detracts from the trip. The answer is yes and no. We have kids and we do everything in our power to ensure that electronics does not detract from our travel experience.

Laptop and accessories

  • HP 14.1" lightweight laptop w/1024MB RAM memory, 100GB harddrive
  • DVDs to burn photos for sending home
  • Protective Body Glove neoprene case
  • Power cord and travel surge protector
  • Compact flash card reader and USB cables
  • rechargeable battery adapter
  • international power adaptors for different sockets
  • 100 watt power convertor (we burned up the standard 50watt radio shack special)
Photographic equipment

  • Canon digital 350 rebel X camera
  • Lowe Pro single camera case (able to hold camera and one standard lens)
  • 100-300mm/ f4 Sigma lens w/ padded case
  • 28-75mm/ f2.8 Sigma lens
  • 1.4 convertor for the 100-300 lens for wildlife and birds
  • 82mm polarizing filter and sky protective filters
  • 3 rechargable battries
  • 1 standard Canon rechargable battery unit
  • pac safe lockable safety bag
The laptop, camera and 100-300 lens is carried in a large heavy duty Kelty daypack and all electronic gear is carried in a converted padded lunch box.